What is flex2ant?

With flex2ant you have the ability to add the Adobe Flex 2 SDK command line compiler (mxmlc) to your Eclipse installation. By installing flex2ant you add a specific Ant task to the Ant installation that is part of the Eclipse IDE, therefore making this task visible to the Eclipse environment.


Version 0.0.5 released (29th November 2007)

Because of the popular usage of the defaultSize compiler argument and a problem using this parameter from flex2ant, a new version has been released. So, head over to the download area and tread yourself on a brand new copy of flex2ant.

Version 0.0.4 released (4th November 2007)

Thanks to some feedback we have been able to fix an important bug in flex2ant. The problem was that boolean command line arguments could not be explicitly specified. To compile source code, mxmlc uses more than just the command line arguments. For all arguments that are not passed on the command line, mxmlc uses default values that are stored in a configuration file called flex-config.xml which is located in the frameworks folder of your Flex 2 SDK installation.

In the new version, boolean command line arguments that are specified in the Ant build.xml file, are always passed on the mxmlc argument list. No matter if they are specified true or false. Therefore giving the option to explicitly bypass the default values stored in the flex-config.xml. Of course, omitting an argument in the Ant build.xml will resolve to the default setting as it is specified in the flex-config.xml file.

If you would like to use another default configuration file, other then the flex-config.xml file, then it is always possible to specify your own project specific configuration file by using the loadConfig flex2ant argument (-load-config for mxmlc). See the documentation for more information on this option.

New Website (3th September 2007)

Today we have a website re-vamp. We were getting tired of the minimalistic programmer approche. So, here you go. Hopefully you find the site better to navigate and more readable than before. If you experience any problems navigating or have any comments (or praise...) then please do contact us at info {at} flex2ant {dot} org.